Piraeus Marine Services S.A. is the exclusive representative in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria of BlueZone, which is a Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) that uses OZONE micro bubbles. By that, all harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens in ballast water are disinfected.


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The micro OZONE bubbles reduce the power consumption substantially. This method is unique and has been patented.

Configuration of BlueZone BWMS

The system is very simple to be installed in any space on board the vessel. You only have to guide to ozone droplets by a small 1½ inch pipe. The only modification is to insert on the main ballast line the micro bubble mechanism and the injector nozzle.

bwms configuration

Major Equipment of BlueZone BWMS

All the (four) equipments are compact with a height of 2.2m max, having as a result the installation to be done anywhere either in the accommodation or in a container or on a weather deck. Installation can be achieved max in a week at sea or at port.

bwms generation system

bwms generation system2

The merit of Micro Ozone Bubble

maximization of disinfectio

BlueZone BWMS Advantages 

bwms advantages

 bwms simple1

 bwms simple2

 bwms simple3

bwms low cost

BWMS Type Comparison Table

Below, you may see the advantages of BlueZone BWMS in contrast to other methods that companies use for BWT systems.

bwms comparison table

minimum retrofit

ballasting graph

Certification of BlueZone BWMS

bwms aquisition

Please find attached:

  1. BlueZone BWMS Presentation
  2. BlueZone BWMS Video
  3. BlueZone BWMS Brochures

tripolitis representatives

Mr. Markos Tripolitis and the representatives of Sunbo Industries Co. LTD. & Dsec Co. LTD.


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